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Okay, so rewind the clock a little with me here, back to mid-2006. I was just married, and yet… hating just about everything except my new husband (who is the bomb, by the way). I hadn’t yet decided to quit my job, but I was getting very, very close… and was searching online for SOME way to get my life back.

One of the places I spent a lot of time was I couldn’t just jump ship without any preparation – I needed infos! So I was adding books to my cart left and right.

It opened with a funny story about the author of the book kissing Sarah Jessica Parker on television. I thought, “This lady is awesome.”

Her review was – dare I say it – fair and balanced. And told me pretty much everything I needed to know to make my decision. I added the book to my cart, and I immediately Googled her. “What a cool person,” I thought.

Fast forward to 6 months later. I’ve quit my job and am working the marketing thing, writing copy for clients. I hooked up with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s peeps for support and mentorship, and lo and behold… there was Cathy Goodwin! I immediately emailed her. “OMG!! I saw your book review! I can’t believe you’re here!!”

Thanks to that book review, I felt like I already knew her. What’s more, in my mind, she was Somebody.

Maybe that’s dorky, but that’s how it went down. (And I know I’m not the only one.) I was thrilled to connect with her. And I immediately bought her product on how to boost your business with book reviews. And devoured it. And loved it.

Now, straight up: I never did start writing book reviews like crazy, but it’s through no fault of Cathy’s. I happen to find book review writing to be really difficult. Always have. “Micro-writing” (as my WEIRD TALES editor likes to call it) takes a lot of time. For some, it’s easy. For me, it’s tuff. I have no idea why.

But I always thought that the idea of connecting with clients through book reviews to be simply brilliant. So when Cathy emailed me to ask if I wanted to be a part of her campaign for the revised, updated and expanded version of her reviews program, I jumped at the chance.

Cathy is giving a free class on her Amazon secrets. It’s going on right NOW (Feb 12 @ 1pm EST) but don’t let that stop you – you can download the recording later. Here’s where to sign up:

Or you can just check out the program here:

The program is really affordable, and if you pick it up by February 18, you can claim all kinds of yummy valuable bonuses (including mine!). It’s downloadable, too, so you’ll get instant access.

I really love this product and am thrilled to help Cathy get it out there to a wider audience. If book reviews are already part of your thing, whether you already write them on Amazon, post them on your blog, or what, let Cathy show you a step-by-step system for using them to not just attract your potential clients, but stand out in their minds.

Enjoy! And, as always…

bright blessings & massive success,

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