The Simple Sunday Meal Prep

Hello everyone! How was your Sunday? What did you do with it? Did you use it to relax? Catch up on chores? Or did you use it to get ahead of the work week – like me!?! If you’re not following the blog’s Facebook page, you likely missed all of the live videos leading up to this post! Have no fear, you can pop on over there after you’re done reading and follow it so that you don’t miss any more! Now the purpose of this post is to not only show you that meal prep can be simple and easy, but also to hold me accountable in my quest for a healthy lifestyle. I have a confession to make. I have not been taking good care of myself. I have been eating junk food. All the time. Fast food for lunch every day, and more than I am willing to admit right now. I have started to chose clothing based on how much of my body it will hide – and that is not a good feeling. I am not seeking to be the next Jillian Michaels by any means, but I would like to feel more confident in my favourite clothes. And don’t even get me started about wearing a bathing suit. I’ve also noticed a huge drop in my energy levels, and feel weak doing things I normally could do with ease. Wake-up call for me. I am way too young to be feeling like an old lady, and so, here I am, restarting a journey as I have done so may times before. But this time, I had an “ah-ha moment” as Oprah would call it. Why did most of my meal plans and good intentions fail before? Because they were too complicated and too expensive. There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts and websites that have millions of meal plans and meal prep ideas. But they all involve making a ton of recipes, and buying a ton of different things you don’t likely have on hand. So, without further ado, here is my simplified, uncomplicated, affordable weekly meal plan consisting of a breakfast, three different kinds of salads for lunch, and an afternoon snack. I have included two

free printables you can print out and take it to the grocery store with you, and hopefully helps you on your own healthier lifestyle journey.

Today I made a menu plan of what I wanted to eat for the week. I needed 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 snacks. Since I am just getting back into the whole healthy lifestyle thing, I wanted to avoid a lot of dairy and protein, sticking mainly to fresh fruits and vegetables, along the lines of a “detox” sort of thing. Next, I made a list of everything I need. Once you buy some of these items, they will last you a month at least, so for a few weeks it does get a bit cheaper after the initial shopping trip.

Then, lay out all your ingredients you purchased and arrange them for pictures. Kidding. But when it’s for a blog post, you must! I noticed afterwards a few items were missing, but I loved this picture and had to post it anyways! I like to wash and chop everything before I begin assembling the portions.

Next, round up all of the containers you will need. I like having everything read to grab while I am in “meal prep beast mode”. I hate having to stop in the middle to look for a lid or something. I prefer to use these glass containers. I feel my food stays fresher longer and tastes better when stored in glad versus plastic. I also switched to a glass water bottle and have never looked back. My water always tastes so much better.

Then, assemble the salad “bases”. This is referring to the mixed greens and the kale. I like to put a couple handfuls of both kinds in each container to give my salads texture and variety. I also find that these types of greens are more filling and are certainly better for you than plain old iceberg lettuce.

You should have kale left over at the end – leave enough for a handful in each smoothie bag. I started with making the Asian salad first today. I made two of these for this week.

I put the dressing in a separate small container, and drizzle over my salad when I am ready to eat. I also put the lid back on my salad and shake it so that the dressing gets all over the veggies. You can find the recipe for my Asian salad here. And also at the bottom of this post. Doesn’t it look yummy?

Next, the Greek salad. I don’t put a lot of ingredients in my salads because it costs more, you have more waste potentially (if you’re only making them for one person), and it eats up more of my precious time. So my salads won’t win any awards, but they’re good enough for me.

I made two of these as well, they are a current favourite. I do like to spice it up one in a while and add avocado! You can find the recipe for my Greek salad here. And at the bottom of this post.

And last, but certainly not least, my “10 Second Salad”. The toppings for this salad last a very long time. I almost always have the ingredients for this one on hand, and it literally takes 10 seconds to make!

Look how pretty it is! You can find the recipe for the “10 second salad” here. Or at the bottom of this post.

Once I have made my salads, I move on to portioning out my veggies and hummus. I did not take at pictures of this, but they are in the “grouped photos” at the end. Although they are pretty self explanatory. Whatever veggies I didn’t use in my salads, I use as an afternoon snack. It usually ends up being my bedtime snack if I didn’t end up eating it at work.

Now on to the smoothie bags – smoothies for breakfast this week in an effort to “detox and de-bloat”. Although they don’t keep my full for long so if I’m hungry before lunch, I plan on munching on some trail mix to get me through. Remember that kale I told you to set aside? now is the time for it! I start by getting out 5 Ziploc freezer bags (the medium sized ones) and writing what else goes in the smoothie. I read that freezing yogurt can kill the protein in it, so I only put the kale and frozen berries in the bag.

I am using unsweetened almond milk as the liquid for my smoothie, along with chia seeds because they are so good for you and I’m just fancy like that. You could freeze the banana in the bag too if you like. You can find the recipe for this simple smoothie here. [] Or at the bottom of this post.

And that’s all folks! Normally this takes me about two hours tops! The recipes will be posted shortly, and this post will be updated accordingly!

I hope this post has inspired you to begin or continue your own healthier lifestyle journey!


Simple Asian Salad Recipe

Simple Greek Salad Recipe

The 10 second Salad

Let me know if you try them, or if you came up with your own meal plan ideas!




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