5 Tips To Make Extra Money Online

Tip # 2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is essential for any blog to be successful because it guarantees targeted traffic. Google is the top search engine so if you can work your way to the top page of Google for any keyword then you will draw significant traffic. However, choose your keywords wisely and make sure that you’re competition for specific keywords you actually have a chance to overcome.

You don’t want to find a keyword that is high in competition and going against a page rank 6 or 7 when you just started your blog because you will have no chance to take over those spots. Aim for a keyword that you have a realistic chance of taking their spot on Google pages.

Tip # 3 Google Adsense

I put Google Adsense in it’s own category of Blog Tips because it is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. If you’re currently not using Adsense then I would highly suggest starting to use it. Google Adsense is an advertising service that places ads on your blog, once people click those ads then you get paid.

Payments are per click and can be anywhere from $0.10 to $5.00 per click depending on the worth of your specific keywords. You will want to do some trial and error to find the best results in regards to where you place the ads, keywords used, text or picture ads. You will be able to earn extra money online when analyzing your sites down to the most specific details regarding ads.

Tip #4 Attract Your Readers

The layout and flow of your blog is an important concept often overlooked. If you want to attract your readers start by inserting more pictures throughout the content. Pictures automatically attract reader’s eyes where you want them to. Another resourceful tool that you can add to your arsenal is inserting videos.

Videos are an attractive way to get your readers involved and keeping them on your site. Google page rank loves to see videos and images throughout your content because it adds value to your reader. This day and age, 2013, most people would rather look at a picture or watch a video than read a long article.

Tip #5 Analyze Other Sites

This may perhaps be the most important of the Blog Tips that you can use. Take a look at other sites, and see what other people use to become and remain successful. If their ideas, format, ad placement, content, etc is working for them, why can’t it work for you? When you’re scrolling through websites yourself, actually try to analyze the website layout and content every time.

Ask yourself questions like, Why is this ad in that specific location? What kind of ad is it (text or picture)? What kind of language is the writer using? How long is the article? How many ads are placed throughout the article? Is the writer using videos, pictures or both? There are so many questions you can ask yourself but always remember that trial and error is key to success. The more research and work you put in analyzing other sites, the more you can change yours to find the best combinations to earn extra money online.

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