Why Blogging Can Increase Your Woodworking Business Sales

Very few woodworking owners blog on a regular basis. But, more should consider adding this to their promotional strategy for their woodworking business. In fact, that few woodworkers use blogging makes a strategy all the more powerful because it’s easier to stand out. Read on and then some of the benefits of blogging for your woodworking business.

Connect to your buyers

There is an important concept and marketing witches that customers buy from people that they know, like and trust. In my building days I would get a lot of repeat work because people had come to know me in respect of the work that I did. So how do you develop this kind of relationship when you haven’t yet sold anything to your customer. One way to do this is blogging.

Simply by talking about yourself, your family, your interests, your business and the products that you make people will get to know and trust it. They will see that you are a real person that they can relate to. Think about it. Who do you think the customer is more likely to purchase from a particular wood product from. A complete stranger or someone who slog that it been reading the past six months.

Get visitors to your website

The other reason that blogging is so important is because it gets more visitors to your website. Think about each blog piece that you write as a little salesperson. This little salesperson doesn’t need to be paid and will continue to bring in Leeds for your woodworking business as long as it remains indexed by the search engines like Google.

To see how this works imagine that you have woodworking business that focuses on making wooden products for men 30 years and older. One of your products as a wooden cigar box. So you write the definitive blog post on how to choose a wooden cigar box and what to look for. How many other people would know more about wooden cigar boxes then you.? I’m guessing not that many and very few of them if any will bother to write a blog post on this topic. As a consequence there is a very good chance that your blog post will become the definitive work on how to choose a wooden cigar box.

Flash forward, now every time that someone is looking for information on how to choose a wooden cigar box your blog entry appears in the Google search entry. Because you write such a great blog post on this topic it appears near the top of the search results. That means that a lot of people that search for information on this particular topic end up on your website.

Then low and behold…

You also sell wooden cigar boxes. Exactly what this person was looking to buy. What a

great coincidence! What’s more by writing such a great blog post on how to choose a wooden cigar box you’re obviously an expert in the subject. Having established your expertise you can find it much easier selling to that customer.

As you can see adding blog content to your website as one of the best ways of getting more customers and building the trust required to make sales. Yes blogging is a long term strategy. It won’t deliver sales as fast as placing an ad in your local newspaper. But its a long term strategy and it doesn’t cost you anything but you time. Very few woodworkers take advantage of this tactic to grow the business, don’t be one of the ones that misses out.

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