The Power Of First Impressions Learning How To Earn Online

Picture this scenario; There are two people waiting outside of a board room for an interview for a big job. Both went to top tier schools, graduated top of their class, and aced their classes. They are both friendly and outgoing, with perfect resumes and a professional attitude. They were both on time for their appointments.

So why is person A more likely to be hired than person B? Because Person A walked into the interview wearing a suit and tie, with his hair done looking neat. Person B looked disheveled, and not only that, had several tattoos showing under his rolled up sleeves.

While it’s a shame that these are the standards people are held to, it’s very common in our society. The man with the tattoos may even be more qualified and be a better fit for the job, but because he doesn’t look his best, and especially because his competition came dressed to the nines, there’s a good chance that he won’t get the job over the other guy.

And we see this not just in corporate jobs and interviews but in our day-to-day lives as well. Walking down the street as you’re looking around at the other people you automatically make judgments based on what you see.

So how does this relate to your website and the business world that you live in? Well just as the appearance of that second interviewee matters, so just appearance of your website. Going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate you learn some key factors about the presentation of your website and the posts within them. Here’s the breakdown of what really matters when looking at a website.

One of the first things I learned about making websites is how to draw your reader’s eyes. One of the best ways to do this is by separating the paragraphs with headers. For many people when they go to an article they skim the headers first period it’s a good indication as to whether they are going to like the article that the y are ready. It also helps keep the reader’s attention.

Colors of the rainbow

Another important part about headers is the color. You want headers that will stand out and separate paragraphs for you. So what better way to do this than by adding some color to them. A good idea that I usually use on my website is matching the color of your main photo picture on your homepage. For example I have a picture on my homepage of a sunset, so my headers are typically in red. This not only draws attention to the headers and keeps the reader’s attention, but it also creates a theme and keeps things looking uniform.


Lastly the size of the headers is important to. Instead of using normal size font, it can be more beneficial to use a larger size. Standing out and showing the topic of your article and sub- paragraphs is much easier when you have a cold header with a beautiful color and a bigger size.

Size doesn’t only matter with header size, but with paragraph size too. Which would you rather read? A long article with no breaks in the lines, no break in the paragraphs, or a broken up article that has 4-5 lines per paragraph? It’s like reading a textbook as opposed to a magazine article. Boring!!! Who wants to do that? Not me! And I’m sure that most other readers don’t want to either.

So let’s summarize so far;

The last important part of making sure your articles and posts look great, are pictures. Why pictures? Because it goes back to the textbook or magazine argument. It’s much more fun to read an article with pictures than it is to flip through paragraphs and long texts with no color and pictures.

So go ahead and pretty up those websites, because it will always help not only bring in the readers, but keep them coming back for more.

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