When Not to Use Social Media

Social media is the buzz word online these days so it is easy to get carried away and throw your business onto Facebook, Twitter and now Google+. However, you should carefully consider your social media strategy before you make some rookie mistakes in implementing media policy for your buisness. This format can be very rewarding but has also known to punish businesses that slip up or offer bad customer service.

An Extension of Your Business

Any online presence is an extension of your business and should be treated in a professional manner. Of course, if your industry is suited to easy going language then it is appropriate from a marketing point of view. However, too many businesses see social media as a chance to merely sell products. This usually fails online and you should use social media as a way to offer additional customer service options.

When Social Media Works

Many website design businesses as well as other small businesses offer a lot of product and service support through Facebook, Twitter and other social media services. The instant nature of the platform is great for resolving small problems without the hassle. It also shows potential customers that you are willing to go out of your way to offer assistance.

A Permanent Record

The last thing you want on your social media accounts are unresolved complaints. This doesn’t mean complaints on your twitter or Facebook account are bad but rather an opportunity to display your wonderful services. Resolve these problems in a quick and efficient manner just like you would if someone emailed or called up. It is also a good way to recieve positive and negative feedback as a way of improving your business.

For Some Not All

Social media is not for everyone. In fact, some businesses do not work in some formats. Some will work great with Twitter while others should just have a Facebook account. You need to experiment to see what works. If it doesn’t seem right for your business or you are unsure of the way it works then try and employ professionals to market your business online.

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