There is a frog in your Blog and It’s ready to Croak!

You ever wonder what the old saying is “There is a frog in your Throat!” and how that came to being?  It reminds me of the “Stork and Frog” picture.   I kept seeing variations on that in middle school and high school but cant’ find the one that I remember.

We all have had stage fright!

I remember being on stage scared silly about performing, I was 12 when we did that play and yet I knew it had to be done.   So you probably like me when I first wanted to start blogging, you’d ask yourself how or what would I write about?

It is a common dilemma with new bloggers, they sometimes don’t know which way they want to go or what they are intending to do with their blog.  When I first started blogging, I didn’t even what was write and what was wrong.   I threw myself into blogging but learn very quickly how to give readers what they wanted.   The readers wanted CONTENT and that was just the beginning for me.

Where can I create a blog??

There are many different places you can start out with to start blogging and each one has it’s ups and down.   I will however go through a list of them and let you decide:

Blogspot –  Great place to start for free.   It is hosted on Blogger format and yet you can still make money off that platform using Adsense and other tools.
WordPress — You can start a blog on here for free with some limitation.   You can’t have any affiliate links or advertising that I know of but it is still a Rock solid platform.
Typepad — Gives you a free trial but You can pay anywhere from $8.95 to $29.95 a month.   It just depends on how much you willing to spend.   I haven’t used this service so i am unsure how well they do but they are there.

There are 40+ free blogging platforms to use to create your own blog.  It just depends on who you want to use to blog with.   There are always going to the Con’s and Pro’s for that platform and you should consider what you want to do with it.

Time is Relative but not to blogging!!

No matter how much you want think you know about blogging, there is one fact that I do know.   You want to come up with a schedule for your blog weather you only blog once a week or every day.   Just because you can blog doesn’t mean you need to ignore the audience.   You should figure out what type of schedule you are going to do and stick with it.   You have to come to the conclusion that the audience are guests and they expect to see a post from you from time to time.   Although sometimes finding inspiration to write can be like walking through muddy water, you will never know how inspired you are to write until you sit down and start writing.  Just like this blog, I came up with a schedule and it is quite simple Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and sometimes more than once that week.   It just depends on how inspired you are to blog.

As you can see there are many things to consider when you blog and how you want to blog.   Everyone has their own ideas and perspective on the internet and that brings in uniqueness.   It also helps me to get inspired by finding articles that I want to talk about myself and put my own spin on it!!

Keep It real!!

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