Use SEO and Cure Pains and Answer Questions Effectively

Why do people even use the internet these days? If you have a website why do people visit it? There are some sites which we use for entertainment purposes but mainly we want to solve a problem or cure a pain.

This could be as simple as finding the answer to a question which has been bugging you for years. For example, when I took my laptop over to a rather elderly friend’s house a while back he asked me if I could connect to the web while I was there. When I said I could a strange glint immediately appeared in his eye and he then asked me to look up the name of the first person to spot land from Christopher Columbus’ ships in his 1492 expedition. It seems he had been burning up with a sense of injustice since his answer was marked as wrong in a pub quiz in Glasgow in 1974 and this was his first chance to find out for certain that he had been right.

Aside from righting the wrongs of 1970s Scottish pub quizzes, the internet is also a great place for finding solutions to serious problems, and this is where good SEO comes into it, However, with effective SEO comes responsibility as well.

Just Give Me the Blooming Information

I can give you another real life example here. My little daughter recently ran a high fever and was starting to turn purple. I got really worried and immediately did a search online in a blind panic. I then dived straight into the first site which had come up and got met with a really badly laid out site which made me waste time closing pop up boxes and looking for the information which I had expected to see on the first page I hit.

If you are going to be targeting people who want problems solved then hooking them into the site through top SEO work isn’t enough. You also need to follow through the process and design a site which lets them find what they are after quickly. The more important the issue is the easier you have to make it for them.

I honestly don’t know how long it took me to find the name of the sailor (quizmasters might like to note that his name was Rodrigo de Triana) and it doesn’t really matter. It was only a bit of fun for me. However, I was pretty upset at the time my daughter was suffering with a raging high temperature and I found out that the site which wanted me to visit it wasn’t set out in a way which was very helpful.

So what does this all tell us? Well, I think that getting SEO done on any site is essential of course. You need to get people to find your site. However, there is a bit more to it than that. If you want to get the full benefit from the SEO work you also need to design the site taking into account the type of person who is likely to be using it and what they are likely to be looking for. This could maybe take you just 5 minutes of sitting down and thinking but it could make the difference between having a well visited but hated site and having a well visited and popular one.

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