Samsung Galaxy Ace Set to Dominate the Mid-Range Android Market

Given that immense popularity that Samsung have achieved that following the success of the Samsung Galaxy S, they have decided to take their popularity into the midrange segment as well. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be the phone that will be launched under the Galaxy series, but will be available as a mid-range smartphone in the United Kingdom and many other parts of the globe. It will be providing access to the relatively unknown segment of the industry for Samsung.
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a mobile phone that is going to be having the 3.5 inch touch screen display that is probably going to signify the fact that this is a mid-range smartphone. The TouchWiz 3.0 version user interface that is used in the phone is quite adept at handling all the variations that have been introduced into the new Android operating system. Yes, the 2.3 version of the Android operating system has just been released and it can be handled by the TouchWiz 3.0 version user interface. The introduction of the capacitive technology and the touch sensitive controls has meant that the Samsung Galaxy Ace will be a dream to operate under any circumstances.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with a maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels within the touch screen display that will make it highly suitable for various tasks including playing high-definition movies. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with 158 MB of internal memory that will suggest that this phone is not going to be suitable for all such purposes, but the 2 GB of external memory card that is coming as a complimentary package that the phone will be able to accommodate the high definition content quite easily. However, not as well as the 32 GB memory card support it is provided by the phone in the maximum range. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with the five megapixel camera that is going to introduce LED Flash and autofocus options into the phone.

Even though this is a mid-range smartphone, to be having all these options in the camera is something that everybody will be looking forward to since most of the mid-range of smartphones will be giving only the camera without any features at all. The features will be making the camera takes pictures that even better quality than the five megapixel rating of the sensor would suggest. It is the reason for the five megapixel unit to produce extraordinary quality when it comes to the final images. They can be enjoyed on a large screen using the DLNA facility that is provided with the phone. Yes, you will be getting the premium wireless data transfer facility that is the DLNA option in the mid-range smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is currently available in the United Kingdom after it was launched by Samsung in February. The deals for the Samsung Galaxy Ace start at around £ 15 per month on contract options in the UK.

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