Instructions for creating a personal blog page with Google Docs without knowledge of web programming

You love blogging? And want to share your posts to everyone? This will be the article you should look at.

Today, people often use Facebook or Twitter to share their “confidences” to people in the simplest way. However, there are still people who like to use WordPress or Blogger to personalize the interface, as well as express their own personalities. However, if you are merely blogging and want to post articles online but do not want to take the time to learn about ways to beautify your blog site, YouDontNeedWp will help you.

YouDontNeedWp (or YDNW) is a free service that helps users make use of their Google account to create a simple personal blog site, specifically users will use Google Docs service to write and YDNW will do the rest. If you are interested, here will be the reference for you.

Step 1: Please visit this address ( and proceed to enter the required information to register an account on YDNW.

Step 2: After completing the registration, you need to allow YDNW to be linked to your Google account on your Google Drive. Click Allow to confirm the license.

Step 3: When all licensing and registration procedures are complete, your account management and postings on YDNW will appear. To start writing, click the “New Blog Post” option.

Then click on the “Google Doc” option.

The interface of the Google Docs word processing page will appear, now you should start your article. You can just edit normally and do not need to save or do anything else because YDNW will automatically save and update automatically.

Back to YDNW’s article management interface, click on the “Edit Post / Publish” option.

Then update the post title and click “Update”.

To view your blog page, use the domain name “”.

Very simple and interesting right? It can be seen as a blog service for those who love minimalistic and quick style. Hope the article will be useful for you.


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