The Three Best Android Apps You’ll Ever Need

As technology advances, most phone applications will become obsolete or integrated into the phone upon purchase. But here are a few that do not apply to that statement.
1. Vignette

Unfortunately, this is a paid app, but by far the best photo app in the history of taking pictures on your phone. The developers respond quickly to your problems and the app is updated with better and better features almost weekly. The effects you can apply to your photos before and after the fact (you can import as well) are endless and well-known to professional photographers. From vignetting to portra to cross-processing to light leaks to pastels to faded to instant to ilford b w; to highlights to night vision to tilt shifts and filters to technicolor, you will be truly amazed by how your average picture, be it two megapixels or ten, looks like it came from a film camera. There are also options to apply frames, and you can shoot blind, choose between auto focus or fixed focus, there’s a time lapse and a self timer, on and on and on and on. This is the only app I’ve ever paid for, and I am rewarded every day for it. No matter what photo app you’re using now, this one will destroy it the moment you try out the demo.

2. iMusic

This free app is simple. Type in the song you’re looking for and download it. Free. Will you find every song you want to hear? No. But if you stick to more mainstream tunes, even classic ones, more than likely you will be successful. Played on your phone, you will be amazed by the clarity. Export it to your computer and hear it on some earbuds, of course you will notice some degradation of quality, but nothing that will take away from your enjoyment. A thousand times better than radio, anyway.

3. Craigslist (Craigsnotification)

Be ahead of the curve with this Craigslist app. Insert keywords of things you want to keep an eye on, like a job in graphic design or those Prada sunglasses or the cheapest guitar pedal, and the app begins to capture all the listings pertinent to your interests in real-time. You will be the first to know when a listing goes live long before others who are using their computer. Get instantly notified in the first few seconds and you’ll always be the one who gets the best deal.

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