How to send photos and audio recordings via email with VoNo

When exchanging work or studying, there will be many types of data that we need to send to each other, not simply documents or images. To save the work, send many types of files at once, we can use VoNo application. The application supports users to convert text to voice or send the recording file that you record directly via email to others. Besides, if you want to enter text directly, the application also has the option to use. Besides, live images are also supported by VoNo via email. In the process of importing emails you want to send, you can fill in multiple emails to throw at the same time, instead of submitting to each email, saving time and manipulation. The following article will guide you on how to use VoNo to send a lot of content via email.

How to send videos via Gmail, email

Step 1:

We install the VoNo application for Android and iOS by following the link below.

Download the VoNo Android application

Download the VoNo iOS app

Next at the first interface if you have an account, then log in through the connection options. If you don’t have an account, swipe left to switch to the email registration interface, then press Confirm below.

We then need to confirm the registration email. Once confirmed, choose the language from text to text. This language may be changed via Settings in the application.

In order to use VoNo’s features, we need to allow the application to use some permissions on the device.

Step 2:

We then access the main interface of the application with different content sharing items.

Step 3:

To share text into Voice, users click on Voice to text and then click on the microphone icon to record the Voice. The text will appear shortly after. If the text is not correct, then press the X to delete. Note that when recording, the user should read slowly, clearly so that the application clearly identifies the sound to convert into text.

To transfer this file to your email address, click on the personal email address below.

If you want to send to others, then click Add another email. Then switch to the new interface, click the word Add in the top right corner.

We click on Add another email and enter the email address of the person you want to send. At this time, they also need to confirm the link that VoNo sent to receive the content you share.

Step 4:

To transfer the audio file, click on the Voice Memo and proceed with the live recording. Click the microphone icon to record. To stop or delete the recording press the X and then select Clear recording.

Step 5:

To transfer text, click Text Memo, then enter the content you want to send, click the Send icon in the keyboard interface. Then also select the email you want to send.

Finally, to send the image directly, then click on Photo and then take a picture is okay. To delete the captured image also click the x icon. Below is the email option to press send.

Step 6:

So you’re done transferring content to someone else. To change some of the default settings in the application, click the gear icon.

In this interface, you can switch to other languages ​​when converting from Voice to text.

Note to users that we are only allowed to transfer up to 10 content in a day with a free account. To add 50 content, you can send the application invitation to your friends, and when they register successfully, we receive plus points.

Click Invite Friends, then click Invite Friends to send the application invitation to friends.

Thus VoNo application supports us to send many types of content to others and is secure when the file recipient also needs to verify the account. The content that VoNo supports is very diverse, making it convenient for you to exchange.

I wish you a successful implementation!

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