Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone

If you own an iPhone or iPad, should you choose to use Google Photos or iCloud to store and manage your photos?

If using iOS devices, iCloud will definitely be the best choice for storing and managing photos for everyone. However, if you take a closer look, Google Photos is the best choice and superior to iCloud.

This article will give the main reasons for you to be more confident in choosing Google Photos instead of iCloud to store and manage photos on iOS. Invite your reference.

1. Google Photos is “cheaper” than iCloud

The most important reason to use Google Photos instead of iCloud is the service cost.

For each iCloud account, users will be provided with 5GB of storage space. And with this small amount of memory, continuous synchronization of image data from mobile and Mac computers will quickly exceed that limit. In case of using Time Machine feature, 5GB limit will definitely cause frustrations for users immediately.

If you want to expand the storage space for your iCloud account, you can buy a 50GB package for 0.99USD/month, 200GB for 2.99USD/month or 2TB for 9.99USD/month.

Quite expensive compared to the price list that Google offers to users (

2. Google Photos free storage is virtually unlimited

As you know, Google will give users 15GB of free storage space by default. More specifically, you will be provided with unlimited free storage if you accept to reduce the resolution of the image (up to 16 megapixels) and still keep the free storage of 15GB without wasting any.

If you think reducing the resolution will reduce the quality of photos on your iPhone, you may be wrong because even the latest iPhone X and iPhone XS have only 12 megapixel rear camera. Therefore, the image quality degradation can only occur if you want to back up photos to a Mac that you have taken with a professional camera.

Moreover, Google Photos can automatically resize images when you upload them so you will never reach the storage limit unexpectedly as with iCloud.

3. Google Photos supports multiple platforms

In life and work, few people only restrict the use of a single operating system platform. And even if you own Apple devices, you’re sure to be exposed to other platforms at work, at school or at home and friends’ homes.

Unlike iCloud, Google Photos allows users to access their images on all those platforms. Both Android, iOS, web platform or even from Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and smart TV. There is also a desktop application so you can back up photos from Windows or macOS.

iCloud is available on iOS and Windows devices as a software application, as well as as a web platform. However, if Android users want to access their photos on iCloud, this is an extremely big problem.

4. Google Photos has a better search engine set

Because Google is considered the most sophisticated search engine in the world, it is not surprising to know that AI as a platform for Google Photos is equally powerful and impressive.

In this way, every time you upload a new image, Google Photos will scan and set whether someone or what appears in the picture. Therefore, you can enter general search terms such as place names or people names that appear in the image, Google Photos will conduct identification, find and display relevant images at a glance.

As for Apple, the company does not have anything integrated into iCloud to compete with Google in the search for images. Therefore, if you want to find an image in the iCloud Photo library, you must perform a search by date or manually search.

You can add your own tags to photos in Apple Photos for easy search, but most of us have no time to do that for every photo taken while on the go.

5. Google Photos allows you to share your photo gallery at any time, any platform

The sharing feature on iCloud Photos is somehow superior to that of Google Photos. For example, if you share photos from iCloud via email, the recipient will receive a copy of the photo immediately. As for Google Photos, you must access the link to view on the web application.

However, in terms of sharing the entire gallery, Google Photos is better than iCloud thanks to Partner Accounts.

Partner Accounts provides you with a great way to share your entire photo gallery with others. Similarly, another user can share their library with you, then two sets of photos can be integrated together in the main view of the application. You will have more setup options if you use this feature.

Apple also has a Family Sharing feature that works the same way you will need to manually add each image so others can see it.


Although iCloud also has its own advantages such as providing more photo editing tools than Google Photos or photos downloaded from iCloud in original form … but in terms of storage capacity, Google Photos is a good choice. to use. Of course, you can also choose to use both if you like.

Hope this article will be useful for you.

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