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April 2020 Posts

Five Facts About Instagram Apk Download

Things You Should Know About Instagram Apk Download

If you are interested in learning how to download Instagram Apk in app store then read on. You will learn all the details of the entire process. This is a very useful process, as it can save your time and money.

Many people that would like to ownload Instagram Apk will only look for that on Google Play. They are not aware that they can download the app on many other sites like AppStore.com, Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store. It’s very convenient to look for this because it’s free and you can do it at your own convenience.

Source: https://privatephotoviewer.com/instagram-plus-apk-download/

You should have a computer that has an internet connection and the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Make sure you are connected to the internet by using WiFi or ethernet cable.

The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Instagram. Go to the page and click on the link that says, “Instagram” in the upper right corner.

Once you are on the page that says, “Instagram” then you should click on the download link under the products section. The download will start automatically. After the download is finished, you will see a new page on your iPhone or iPad that says, “Instagram.com.”

Once you have visited the official website of Instagram, you will see a page that says, “Subscribe.” This is where you sign up for the updates and to get new freebies. To be able to download the app, go to the page that says, “Instagram.com.”

When you click on the link that says, “Subscribe,” an email will be sent to your inbox. This page is called the “App Store.” If you are interested in how to download Instagram in app store, you should see that this page contains a link that says, “Get Instagress.” Click on this link and the page will display a window with links to download the app.

If you want to view a preview of the Instagram, you should click on the link that says, “View Instagress.” A pop-up window will appear and you will be able to view all the features that are available.

If you click on the link that says, “,” you will be prompted to join Instagram. If you don’t have any account yet, you will be prompted to create one so that you can download the app.

It’s important to note that to get started with the app, you need to be signed up to the service. The steps for joining Instagram are easy and a few minutes after you have signed up, you will be ready to download the app. There are many advantages of being a member of Instagram so you will definitely enjoy all the great features of the application.

To get started with the download of Instagram, you will need to click on the link that says, “Instagress” and then navigate to the site. It is recommended that you visit the site several times to make sure that the site is accurate. If you have problems, just contact Instagram and they will help you out.

If you want to download Instagram in app store, you need to visit the official website of Instagram and click on the link that says, “Download.” It’s very easy to use and can save you a lot of time. Be sure to let us know how you found this article.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Set to Dominate the Mid-Range Android Market

Given that immense popularity that Samsung have achieved that following the success of the Samsung Galaxy S, they have decided to take their popularity into the midrange segment as well. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be the phone that will be launched under the Galaxy series, but will be available as a mid-range smartphone in the United Kingdom and many other parts of the globe. It will be providing access to the relatively unknown segment of the industry for Samsung.
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a mobile phone that is going to be having the 3.5 inch touch screen display that is probably going to signify the fact that this is a mid-range smartphone. The TouchWiz 3.0 version user interface that is used in the phone is quite adept at handling all the variations that have been introduced into the new Android operating system. Yes, the 2.3 version of the Android operating system has just been released and it can be handled by the TouchWiz 3.0 version user interface. The introduction of the capacitive technology and the touch sensitive controls has meant that the Samsung Galaxy Ace will be a dream to operate under any circumstances.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with a maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels within the touch screen display that will make it highly suitable for various tasks including playing high-definition movies. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with 158 MB of internal memory that will suggest that this phone is not going to be suitable for all such purposes, but the 2 GB of external memory card that is coming as a complimentary package that the phone will be able to accommodate the high definition content quite easily. However, not as well as the 32 GB memory card support it is provided by the phone in the maximum range. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be coming with the five megapixel camera that is going to introduce LED Flash and autofocus options into the phone.

Even though this is a mid-range smartphone, to be having all these options in the camera is something that everybody will be looking forward to since most of the mid-range of smartphones will be giving only the camera without any features at all. The features will be making the camera takes pictures that even better quality than the five megapixel rating of the sensor would suggest. It is the reason for the five megapixel unit to produce extraordinary quality when it comes to the final images. They can be enjoyed on a large screen using the DLNA facility that is provided with the phone. Yes, you will be getting the premium wireless data transfer facility that is the DLNA option in the mid-range smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is currently available in the United Kingdom after it was launched by Samsung in February. The deals for the Samsung Galaxy Ace start at around £ 15 per month on contract options in the UK.

At Best Mobile Contracts you can compare all of the latest Samsung Galaxy Ace contracts, and also find the cheapest prices for compare mobile phone deals.

Instructions for creating a personal blog page with Google Docs without knowledge of web programming

You love blogging? And want to share your posts to everyone? This will be the article you should look at.

Today, people often use Facebook or Twitter to share their “confidences” to people in the simplest way. However, there are still people who like to use WordPress or Blogger to personalize the interface, as well as express their own personalities. However, if you are merely blogging and want to post articles online but do not want to take the time to learn about ways to beautify your blog site, YouDontNeedWp will help you.

YouDontNeedWp (or YDNW) is a free service that helps users make use of their Google account to create a simple personal blog site, specifically users will use Google Docs service to write and YDNW will do the rest. If you are interested, here will be the reference for you.

Step 1: Please visit this address (https://www.youdontneedwp.com/users/sign_up) and proceed to enter the required information to register an account on YDNW.

Step 2: After completing the registration, you need to allow YDNW to be linked to your Google account on your Google Drive. Click Allow to confirm the license.

Step 3: When all licensing and registration procedures are complete, your account management and postings on YDNW will appear. To start writing, click the “New Blog Post” option.

Then click on the “Google Doc” option.

The interface of the Google Docs word processing page will appear, now you should start your article. You can just edit normally and do not need to save or do anything else because YDNW will automatically save and update automatically.

Back to YDNW’s article management interface, click on the “Edit Post / Publish” option.

Then update the post title and click “Update”.

To view your blog page, use the domain name “youdontneedwp.com/username”.

Very simple and interesting right? It can be seen as a blog service for those who love minimalistic and quick style. Hope the article will be useful for you.


The Three Best Android Apps You’ll Ever Need

As technology advances, most phone applications will become obsolete or integrated into the phone upon purchase. But here are a few that do not apply to that statement.
1. Vignette

Unfortunately, this is a paid app, but by far the best photo app in the history of taking pictures on your phone. The developers respond quickly to your problems and the app is updated with better and better features almost weekly. The effects you can apply to your photos before and after the fact (you can import as well) are endless and well-known to professional photographers. From vignetting to portra to cross-processing to light leaks to pastels to faded to instant to ilford b w; to highlights to night vision to tilt shifts and filters to technicolor, you will be truly amazed by how your average picture, be it two megapixels or ten, looks like it came from a film camera. There are also options to apply frames, and you can shoot blind, choose between auto focus or fixed focus, there’s a time lapse and a self timer, on and on and on and on. This is the only app I’ve ever paid for, and I am rewarded every day for it. No matter what photo app you’re using now, this one will destroy it the moment you try out the demo.

2. iMusic

This free app is simple. Type in the song you’re looking for and download it. Free. Will you find every song you want to hear? No. But if you stick to more mainstream tunes, even classic ones, more than likely you will be successful. Played on your phone, you will be amazed by the clarity. Export it to your computer and hear it on some earbuds, of course you will notice some degradation of quality, but nothing that will take away from your enjoyment. A thousand times better than radio, anyway.

3. Craigslist (Craigsnotification)

Be ahead of the curve with this Craigslist app. Insert keywords of things you want to keep an eye on, like a job in graphic design or those Prada sunglasses or the cheapest guitar pedal, and the app begins to capture all the listings pertinent to your interests in real-time. You will be the first to know when a listing goes live long before others who are using their computer. Get instantly notified in the first few seconds and you’ll always be the one who gets the best deal.

Nintendo Calls Out Apple & Android

During the 2011 Game Developers Conference, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata took part in the keynote speech on this past Wednesday. For the most part it was the usual Nintendo presentation. Game were shown off and the features of the new 3DS were highlighted. Towards the end of the keynote, Iwata’s presentation took a turn and went on a little polite rant. He began showing slides on “industry concerns.” He said that big app companies were flooding the market with lackluster titles. This would cause game developers to have trouble “making a living.” He emphasized that Nintendo has always maintained high values as a priority. He implied that the app business does not offer the quality of Nintendo.
This makes me wonder if Iwata and Nintendo has looked at the Wii and DS catalog of games. There is no doubt that the games that Nintendo officially publishes are top notch. When you look at the whole catalog of shovel-ware and trash that is constantly released, one must think that Nintendo is doing the same thing as Apple and Android. Both Apple and Android offer market places to which developers can create and publish games. This is the same as with the Wii and DS.

What made this seem strange was the place where Iwata said this. This is at GDC. Where game developers come together to talk shop. Here Iwata is almost trying to scare them into not developing any more games for the mobile systems. The reason why there is over saturation in the handheld market is the fact that is where the developers are. Most developers have embraced the mobile market. Mostly because of the ease of and cost of creating games for the operating systems. Why did EA decide to bring Dead Space 2 to the Iphone and Ipad and not the DS? Short answer – MONEY. They would make more using IOS and spend less; even though they created a completely new game for a touch screen. How many one man studios have built a Nintendo hit? It does not happen, but on handhelds it has happen many times.

The awkward feeling in the room during this part of the presentation said it all. While Nintendo is trying to scare developers away from their competition, Apple was setting up for the new Ipad 2 announcement. I am sure the keynote over there had much more excitement.

How to send photos and audio recordings via email with VoNo

When exchanging work or studying, there will be many types of data that we need to send to each other, not simply documents or images. To save the work, send many types of files at once, we can use VoNo application. The application supports users to convert text to voice or send the recording file that you record directly via email to others. Besides, if you want to enter text directly, the application also has the option to use. Besides, live images are also supported by VoNo via email. In the process of importing emails you want to send, you can fill in multiple emails to throw at the same time, instead of submitting to each email, saving time and manipulation. The following article will guide you on how to use VoNo to send a lot of content via email.

How to send videos via Gmail, email

Step 1:

We install the VoNo application for Android and iOS by following the link below.

Download the VoNo Android application

Download the VoNo iOS app

Next at the first interface if you have an account, then log in through the connection options. If you don’t have an account, swipe left to switch to the email registration interface, then press Confirm below.

We then need to confirm the registration email. Once confirmed, choose the language from text to text. This language may be changed via Settings in the application.

In order to use VoNo’s features, we need to allow the application to use some permissions on the device.

Step 2:

We then access the main interface of the application with different content sharing items.

Step 3:

To share text into Voice, users click on Voice to text and then click on the microphone icon to record the Voice. The text will appear shortly after. If the text is not correct, then press the X to delete. Note that when recording, the user should read slowly, clearly so that the application clearly identifies the sound to convert into text.

To transfer this file to your email address, click on the personal email address below.

If you want to send to others, then click Add another email. Then switch to the new interface, click the word Add in the top right corner.

We click on Add another email and enter the email address of the person you want to send. At this time, they also need to confirm the link that VoNo sent to receive the content you share.

Step 4:

To transfer the audio file, click on the Voice Memo and proceed with the live recording. Click the microphone icon to record. To stop or delete the recording press the X and then select Clear recording.

Step 5:

To transfer text, click Text Memo, then enter the content you want to send, click the Send icon in the keyboard interface. Then also select the email you want to send.

Finally, to send the image directly, then click on Photo and then take a picture is okay. To delete the captured image also click the x icon. Below is the email option to press send.

Step 6:

So you’re done transferring content to someone else. To change some of the default settings in the application, click the gear icon.

In this interface, you can switch to other languages ​​when converting from Voice to text.

Note to users that we are only allowed to transfer up to 10 content in a day with a free account. To add 50 content, you can send the application invitation to your friends, and when they register successfully, we receive plus points.

Click Invite Friends, then click Invite Friends to send the application invitation to friends.

Thus VoNo application supports us to send many types of content to others and is secure when the file recipient also needs to verify the account. The content that VoNo supports is very diverse, making it convenient for you to exchange.

I wish you a successful implementation!

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone

If you own an iPhone or iPad, should you choose to use Google Photos or iCloud to store and manage your photos?

If using iOS devices, iCloud will definitely be the best choice for storing and managing photos for everyone. However, if you take a closer look, Google Photos is the best choice and superior to iCloud.

This article will give the main reasons for you to be more confident in choosing Google Photos instead of iCloud to store and manage photos on iOS. Invite your reference.

1. Google Photos is “cheaper” than iCloud

The most important reason to use Google Photos instead of iCloud is the service cost.

For each iCloud account, users will be provided with 5GB of storage space. And with this small amount of memory, continuous synchronization of image data from mobile and Mac computers will quickly exceed that limit. In case of using Time Machine feature, 5GB limit will definitely cause frustrations for users immediately.

If you want to expand the storage space for your iCloud account, you can buy a 50GB package for 0.99USD/month, 200GB for 2.99USD/month or 2TB for 9.99USD/month.

Quite expensive compared to the price list that Google offers to users (https://one.google.com/storage?hl=en#upgrade).

2. Google Photos free storage is virtually unlimited

As you know, Google will give users 15GB of free storage space by default. More specifically, you will be provided with unlimited free storage if you accept to reduce the resolution of the image (up to 16 megapixels) and still keep the free storage of 15GB without wasting any.

If you think reducing the resolution will reduce the quality of photos on your iPhone, you may be wrong because even the latest iPhone X and iPhone XS have only 12 megapixel rear camera. Therefore, the image quality degradation can only occur if you want to back up photos to a Mac that you have taken with a professional camera.

Moreover, Google Photos can automatically resize images when you upload them so you will never reach the storage limit unexpectedly as with iCloud.

3. Google Photos supports multiple platforms

In life and work, few people only restrict the use of a single operating system platform. And even if you own Apple devices, you’re sure to be exposed to other platforms at work, at school or at home and friends’ homes.

Unlike iCloud, Google Photos allows users to access their images on all those platforms. Both Android, iOS, web platform or even from Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and smart TV. There is also a desktop application so you can back up photos from Windows or macOS.

iCloud is available on iOS and Windows devices as a software application, as well as as a web platform. However, if Android users want to access their photos on iCloud, this is an extremely big problem.

4. Google Photos has a better search engine set

Because Google is considered the most sophisticated search engine in the world, it is not surprising to know that AI as a platform for Google Photos is equally powerful and impressive.

In this way, every time you upload a new image, Google Photos will scan and set whether someone or what appears in the picture. Therefore, you can enter general search terms such as place names or people names that appear in the image, Google Photos will conduct identification, find and display relevant images at a glance.

As for Apple, the company does not have anything integrated into iCloud to compete with Google in the search for images. Therefore, if you want to find an image in the iCloud Photo library, you must perform a search by date or manually search.

You can add your own tags to photos in Apple Photos for easy search, but most of us have no time to do that for every photo taken while on the go.

5. Google Photos allows you to share your photo gallery at any time, any platform

The sharing feature on iCloud Photos is somehow superior to that of Google Photos. For example, if you share photos from iCloud via email, the recipient will receive a copy of the photo immediately. As for Google Photos, you must access the link to view on the web application.

However, in terms of sharing the entire gallery, Google Photos is better than iCloud thanks to Partner Accounts.

Partner Accounts provides you with a great way to share your entire photo gallery with others. Similarly, another user can share their library with you, then two sets of photos can be integrated together in the main view of the application. You will have more setup options if you use this feature.

Apple also has a Family Sharing feature that works the same way you will need to manually add each image so others can see it.


Although iCloud also has its own advantages such as providing more photo editing tools than Google Photos or photos downloaded from iCloud in original form … but in terms of storage capacity, Google Photos is a good choice. to use. Of course, you can also choose to use both if you like.

Hope this article will be useful for you.

ADB supports Vietnam, DMCs to cope with COVID-19

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced US$ 6.5 billion initial response package to support Viet Nam and other developing member countries (DMCs) to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has just announced $ 6.5 billion initial response package to meet the immediate needs of developing member countries when they deal with the pandemic that is caused by a coronavirus (Covid-19).

“This pandemic has become a major global crisis. It requires forceful action at national, regional, and global levels,” said ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa.

“With our developing member countries, we are formulating an aggressive set of actions to combat the pandemic, to protect the poor, the vulnerable, and wider populations across the region and to ensure economies will rebound as swiftly as possible. Basing on a close dialogue with members and similar donor institutions, we deploy this $ 6.5 billion relief package to meet the urgent needs of our members, “Mr Masatsugu Asakawa stated.

The ADB President underlined that ADB stands ready to provide further financial assistance and policy advice down the road whenever the situation warrants on top of the US$ 6.5 billion packages.

The initial package includes about US$3.6 billion in sovereign operations for a range of responses to the health and economic consequences of the pandemic, and US$ 1.6 billion in non-sovereign operations for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, domestic and regional trade, and firms directly impacted.

ADB said it will also mobilize about one billion dollars in concessional resources through reallocations from ongoing projects and assessing possible needs for contingencies. ADB will make available US$ 40 million in technical assistance and quick-disbursing grants.

Since its first COVID-19 response on February 7, ADB has already provided more than US$ 225 million to meet the urgent needs of both governments and businesses in DMCs.